SRAJAN’17 is the third edition of the student project contest, organized by IEEE student branch, MANIT Bhopal. The event has in past received an amazing lot of innovative ideas such as fuel cell power based car, walking stick for blinds etc. SRAJAN’17 focusses on innovation and novelty in the field of technology. This year contest aims to bring out such technological innovations in the light which are possible to be used in real life scenario. To cherish such ideas which will be able to solve the problems of a simple, common man. The contest aims to bring ideas and innovations from the students of engineering fraternity, to give them opportunity to present their creations to intellectual minds and a chance to discuss about these creations with them. SRAJAN’17 invites ideas for changes which can have a strong and lasting impact on the problems of the people of our society.

Rules and Regulations:
  1. Maximum 4 participants can register as a Team for participation in SRAJAN’17. The participants must be registered undergraduate or postgraduate engineering students at a recognized University, College or Institute.
  2. Every member of the team has to register on the SRAJAN project portal after which they can be added in project by the team leader or can themselves add other members in the project using student ID, specified in the confirmation mail.
  3. Each project team must have a unique team leader.
  4. Each member of the team qualified and registered for the final round will be provided a participation certificate.

SRAJAN’17 is conducted in three phases: Abstract submission, Video Submission and Final Round.

Phase 1:
  1. Each team will have to submit an abstract of their project in not more than 4 pages in a .pdf format (teams failing to do so will be disqualified).
  2. The teams qualified in phase 1 will be participating in phase 2.
Abstract Submission Details

SRAJAN’17 invites ideas for changes which can have a strong and lasting impact on the problems of the people of our society. Below are given some of the possible subjects for the projects on which the technology of the project can be focused:

  • People with disability, elderly people, and Tribal Regions
  • Low-cost Engineering solutions to address problems of underprivileged
  • Rural Healthcare, Electrical supply, water resources and sanitation
  • Biodiversity conservation and Natural Resources
  • Energy conservation and sustainability – Renewable Energy
  • Alternative Transportation modes & improvisation of existing Transport system
  • Irrigation, agricultural developments, storage and agro-based Industries
  • Food processing technology and food security
  • Information technology related topics
  • Technologies possible in improvisation of Education services

*There can also be projects from other relevant fields.

Phase 2:
  1. Each team will have to submit a video of the project in phase 2 to qualify for the final round.
  2. Video should contain an elaborate explanation of the project with its complete demonstration (possible till date).

Details regarding registration will be uploaded after result declaration of phase-2. Final Round of SRAJAN’17 will take place at MANIT, Bhopal on 4th – 5th March, 2017 and each team registered for the final round must be present at the contest venue.

  • The final round will take place in two stages a) Presentation and b) Exhibition
  • In the Exhibition stage, the teams will have to exhibit their project demonstration.
  • The decision taken by the Judging panel and the program committee of SRAJAN’17 will be final and no further queries will be entertained in this regard.

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